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Accepted papers - Articoli accettati - Articles acceptés - Akzeptierte Artikel

Shigeki Akiyama, Christiane Frougny, Jacques Sakarovitch On the Representation of Numbers in a Rational Base
Boris Adamczewski, Jean-Paul Allouche An Innocent-Looking Formula for Continued Fractions
Jorge Almeida, Stuart Margolis, Benjamin Steinberg, Mikhail Volkov Modular and Threshold Subword Counting and Matrix Representations of Finite Monoids
Petr Ambroz On the tau-adic expansions of real numbers
Vyoma Anne, Luca Q. Zamboni, and Ioana Zorca
Palindromes and Pseudo-Palindromes in Episturmian and Pseudo-Palindroic Infinite Words
P. Arnoux, V. Berthé, D. Jamet Generalized Substitutions and Stepped Surfaces
Peter Balazi, Edita Pelantova Palindromic complexity of infinite words coding interval exchange transformations
Elena Barcucci, Renzo Pinzani, Maddalena Poneti Exhaustive generation of some regular languages by using numeration systems
Maurice H. ter Beek and Jetty Kleijn Infinite Unfair Shuffles and Associativity
Aleksandrs Belovs and Janis Buls Applying Mealy machine to D0L and u-u words
Valerie Berthé, Bertrand Nouvel Density of Symbols in Discretized Rotation Configurations
Jean-Pierre Borel Complexity and palindromic complexity of billiard words
L. Breveglieri, S. Crespi Reghizzi, A. Savelli Efficient Word Recognition of Certain Locally Defined Trace Languages
Julien Cassaigne, Anna E. Frid, On arithmetical complexity of Sturmian words
Emeric Deutsch and Bruce Sagan Congruences and the Thue-Morse Sequence
Sébastien Ferenczi Substitutions on an infinite alphabet: first results
Thomas Fernique Substitions on Multidimensional Sequences
Wit Forys, Tomasz Krawczyk An automaton that recognizes the base of a semiretract
Amy Glen Powers in a class of A-strict standard episturmian words
Stepan Holub, Juha Kortelainen On Systems of Word Equations with Simple Loop Sets
Vesa Halava, Tero Harju, Juhani Karhumäki, Michel Latteux Post Correspondence Problem for morphisms with unique blocks
Lucian Ilie A note on the number of distinct squares in a word
Asep Juarna, Vincent Vajnovszki Isomorphism Between Classes Counted by Fibonacci Numbers
Arto Lepistö, Kalle Saari Transposition Invariant Words
Paolo Massazza On the equation $XL=LX$
J.-C. Novelli and J.-Y. Thibon Parkization of words and its algebraic applications
Pascal Ochem Letter frequency in infinite repetition-free words
Gwénaël Richomme Conjugacy of morphisms and Lyndon decomposition of standard Sturmian words